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Hi, my name is Radoslaw. RJ or Rad, for short.

I am a husband and a father of two great kids. Currently, I am living in the United Kingdom. Before, I lived for about 12 years in Ireland. But I was born and grow up in Poland.


I like reading fantasy books like “Lord of the Rings”, “The Witcher”, "Assassin's Creed", "The Secret", "Think and Grow Rich", "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Another of my hobbies is watching movies, especially comedy, action and fantasy. I am interested in fitness, bodybuilding and swimming. Recently I have I became interested in Reiki, meditations and spiritual and personal development.


I was always interested in programming and finally got an opportunity in Ireland to follow my dream and learn to program the right way and I finished a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing in Games Development course.


In my life, I was working in many different sectors. Manufacturing, coal mine, retail, advertisement, insurance, food production, just to mention those where I spend most of my time. Everywhere, there was someone who told me what I should do, when I can have free time or holiday. Even when I was a supervising a team in one of the jobs still I was under someone who was ordering me what, when and how work must be done.

It was frustrating. I was searching for options to free myself from that kind of dictatorship. I have tried many different opportunities with various results. Never, I was fully satisfied with them.


Finally, one day, I have watched a YouTube add about this possibility, to work at my own pace, on my terms. Right, they want me to learn, and do the stuff their way, but they give a good reason for that. Firstly, they know the stuff. They spend years testing and improving this course. Their knowledge is invaluable, so why should I not take advantage of it. Secondly, they not forcing anyone to affiliate their course. They give you knowledge and tools, and as long you follow rules, you can affiliate any product you can come up.

I thought - This is it! I can learn from the bests, and utilise the knowledge to achieve my goal, to live and work independently. So I bought the course. Follow it. Enjoy it. And most importantly I became a part of a great society of people likeminded.


I have created this website to show you a great opportunity to free yourself from being all the time under someone's control. To show you how you can free yourself from being ordered all the time. And to finally be your boss.

If you are seeking, this kind of opportunity, as well, I am encouraging you to check this course. It is amazing! 

Be positive. Be blessed. Have a great life.

Turn your passion

into income.

Live life you love.



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