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Hi, my name is Radoslaw. Rad, for short and convenience.

I am a father of two great kids. Currently, I am living / travelling through the United Kingdom. Before, I lived for about 12 years in Ireland. But I was born and grow up in Poland.


I like reading fantasy books like “Lord of the Rings”, “The Witcher”, "Assassin's Creed". Also non-fictional books like "The Secret", "Think and Grow Rich", "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Another of my hobbies is watching movies, especially comedy, action and fantasy. I am interested in fitness, calisthenics and and swimming. A while ago I have become interested in Reiki, meditations and spiritual and personal development.



I've done many things in my life. I was an advertising and insurance agent. I worked underground and in a meat factory. I have run several businesses with greater or lesser success.
However, I always felt that I was missing something, that I did not fit. I am like a piece from another set of puzzles.
So I was searching. And finally, at the end of 2019, I had an epiphany. In fact, I was enlightened by my wonderful friend who opened my eyes to what I had been doing unconsciously so far and what I am really good at.
I listened to people without judgment, without negation, and without automatically running with answers and solutions. I just listened and asked them questions that helped them understand and overcome their worries and fears. Realize if and to what extent they are real. Ultimately, find their own solutions, that suit them best
Sometime later I came across a coaching course and so I started my journey as a coach, helping people all over the world find their own answers to their problems and help them create the Can Do mindset.


Moreover, at the same time, when I started my coaching journey, I completed the Reiki energy healing and massage course.
The first records about Reiki come from around 2,500 years ago, in Japan.
REI - can be translated as Divine Wisdom or Higher Intelligence,
KI - means Life Energy, love.
REI - KI can be freely translated as - Spiritually directed life energy.
Reiki is a transmission of life energy of pure unconditional love, taken directly from the source of our existence and only flowing through the hands of the therapist. The action of this energy initiates the process of self-healing of the human body, heals the mind, soul and body, and restores the natural state of harmony and balance. In addition to its typically healing effect, it has a soothing and alleviating effect on any form of stress and discomfort. It relaxes and relaxes.
The essence of Reiki is that by giving ourselves love we come to inner and outer harmony, and we feel happy.


I was always interested in programming and finally got an opportunity in Ireland to follow my dream and learn to program the right way and I finished a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing in Games Development course.

Coaching course at Coacheroes - certified coach with main focus on life struggles.

Reiki - the course at Universal Energy with Riki Master and Teacher Dorota Widawska. Adept of the second degree.


Working in many different sectors, for many years, I had an opportunity to learn about many different kinds of people and their problems. However, no matter where I was, even if it was not really my cup of tea, I was always the person to whom everybody goes, whenever are facing some problems. 


I have created this website to introduce myself and my thoughts. I am not a psychiatrist, nor any kind of doctor. I am a regular person whose gift is that I can listen and ask the right questions to help you find your answer.

The second purpose of this website is to share my view and experience with other people through the posts you can read in the blog section.

Lastly, in section Services, you can find out more about my offer, Reiki and Coaching, and book an appointment with me.

Blessing upon you my friend.

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