wolf at the hill

Be like a hungry wolf.

There is a saying I want to quote.

“The wolf climbing the hill is the most hungriest one. Not the one going down.”

Be like that wolf. Be hungry to grow. To fill your mind with positive thoughts. With useful knowledge. Do not let anyone stop you from that.

Climb that hill. Even if it will be though. Be tougher. Go up till the top. Remember, that from there, is the best view. Be hungry of that view. Feel that hunger in you. And do not stop, until you will satisfy it.

No one can do this for you. People will help you, but it is you who needs to get to the top

Often ask yourself. Why do I want to do this? Why is that thing so important for me? What will change when I get to the top and satisfy my hunger for this? What I will feel? How I will feel? Why do I want to feel this way? 

Use a lot of that kind of questions to get into the bottom of your hunger, of your desire. And then close your eyes and feel these emotions, picturing yourself at the top.

Turn your passion into income.

Live life you love.

Don't waste your time and money



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