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Some thoughts about self-awareness, self-improvement, growing better, stronger.

How to be positive?

How to be positive?

Did you hear someone suggesting you to cheer up? To think positively? But how can you do this? How can you smile, have positive thoughts, cheer up, with all that is going on around you? Let’s check this out. The feelings accompanying “Be positive”. Letting the negative thoughts get over you is easy. Especially now. …

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The law of reflection.

The law of reflection.

Let’s talk today about the law of reflection. What it is? How its work? Can you implement it in your life? If so, how you can apply it in your life? If …

Get out of your way

Get out of your way!

OK! You have your goal. Your vision you want to achieve. Is it a dream car? Or maybe 2 weeks holidays in Bali? Or buying a new house? Or …

What confidence means?

What confidence means?

Are you lacking confidence? How are you feel when you are in a new place? In a new group of people? Are you cocky? Boldly trying to show, how good you are? Is that what confidence means to you? What when someone trying to undermine your opinion? Your beliefs and knowledge? Are you getting mad, …

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