Find YOUR goal.

If you will just run around, hoping that you will hit something and claiming this was your target, it will, most likely, not gives you full satisfaction. You might as well going after something, just because you see that with others. 

But stop for a moment and ask is this really what you want? Will that thing look good with you? That kind of clothes, hairstyle, jewellery? Is that expensive car or house, really your dream? Or maybe you just want to show up? You are trying to keep up with someone else actually copying his dreams?

To be truly successful, you need to have a specific target in your mind. Go after things that are really meant to be yours?

For this, You need to make a research about, what it is that you are good at, what you like to do, what you can give to the world and for what you can get paid.

This way you will find your goal. The one that will give you satisfaction and motivation to go after it. No one, ever, will have to push you or pull you. 

The goal you find for yourself will be strong enough to make you wanted to get it. The goal you will find for yourself will give you true satisfaction no matter the obstacles you would have to overcome to get to it.

So, remember, do research, what is that YOU want, what is that YOU are good at, and what gift you can offer to the world.

Turn your passion into income.

Live life you love.

Don't waste your time and money



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