Imagine your reality.

Imagine your reality.

What if you could have everything you want? What if all your dreams come true? What if tomorrow, you will wake up, knowing that your life changed overnight to the one you have always dreamed of?

What would look like your desired life? How would you feel and behave as a new you? Who do you will be? How do you will be dressed up? What perfumes would you use? What hairstyle will you have?

What will be your morning routine? How will look your day? What do you will be doing during the day? What will you eat for every meal? What kind of car would you have? What home you will live in? Where it will be built? What country, area, city?

It is a lot of questions, I know. Before you actually start to answering them, read one, close your eyes and imagine the answer. With all possible details.

Do this for each of the questions. Feel the answers, not only think about it. Use all your senses when you picture the answer. This is the crucial part, to use your senses, your imagination.

This simple exercise trains you to live in your future. To believe it is real. It convinces your subconscious that this is your reality so it needs to find the way to make it true.

It signals to the universe that this is your life, place where you belong. Do this exercise every day. It takes about 10 minutes. Be creative. Make your own questions. And open yourself for the universe to answer your call.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.

Turn your passion into income.

Live life you love.

Don't waste your time and money



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