Lose your control.

Lose your control.

Are you one of those people who need to have control over everything that is happening in life? Do you plan everything precisely step by step, as if you have power like a god?

Don’t get me wrong. It is good to have a plan. It is good to be precise and specific. Thing is that in life not always this is possible. To have a plan that you will be able to follow strictly to the letter.

Important is how you react, in such situations when things go other direction you have planned. What you feel, when something unpredictable happens?

The thing with life is that it loves to be in motion. Evolve. Change. And at the same time surprise people. Now, you need to allow yourself to, from time to time, lose control, and allow life to lead you to your destiny.

You need to be open for all possibilities the Universe has for you. Be like a bus passenger, who will be travelling a new track for the first time. Enjoy the view and have faith that the bus driver know how to get you to your destination. You might be amazed, by the views you will see on the way as well as by the endpoint.

Allow yourself to lose control and have faith in God, higher instance, the Universe, call it whatever you like. Have faith that they know what is best for you and they will lead you to that thing the best for you way.

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