Meaning of being a director of own life

Today I want to write about being a director of your life. What that actually means? Are you the one? Are you a director? To put it in simple words, being a director, means that you are listening to what people say, you are looking for advice and knowledge. But you are not taking orders. Your decisions, actions are a product of your own conclusions.

You are taking what people say. Process it. Think about it. Pounder it. If it makes you wonder, If it makes you think, that means is important.

Then when action is required, you are acting according to your own judgement based on all of the pieces information you’ve gathered. You are not acting just because somebody is telling you to do something. You decide for yourself, what you want to do. You are directing your life on the course you choose. This is, in my opinion, a short definition of being a director of your life. Be the one.

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