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My Grande "Van" Punto


I was always amazed by people who do not have and do not care to have a home, the proper build on the ground home.
People who chose to live in the vans or motorhomes or similar vehicles.
This was, for me, a very tempting lifestyle.


I wanted to live this way, but I was also afraid of this. I always have some excuses. Such as I do not have a van, I do not have a job that I can support myself living this way and so on.


Finally, I believe it was at the beginning of September 2020, I decided to stop thinking about that.
Worrying that, I do not have this or that, or that I am scared, or I do not know how to do it, how it gonna be.
I moved into my car. My Grande "van" Punto :D.

I'm alive.

Few weeks past and I am still alive 🙂
I feel now that I am alive.
Enjoying every moment of life, every beautiful place I have seen since.


And on the links in this section, you can see some of the places.
I do not put name and location as I have made those shoots before, my dear friend suggest me to create this page and share the beauty of nature with yous.
Most of the places are in the UK - Wales and Peak District.

My Grande "Van" Punto

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