#230 Are you waiting for your life?

#230 Are you waiting for your life?

Hello, Tribers.
What is the reason for postponing things? What can you do about it? Why you might want to do anything with that? How can you start living? Curious? Let’s check this then…

What is the reason for postponing things?

Were you in a situation, where you knew, that you should do something? Something that will bring you an amazing reward, will change your life completely, will give you happiness, satisfaction and contentment? Lastly, you were aware it is for your good. Yet, for some reason, you were postponing this all the time? There might be many reasons. And I am sure all are valid. At least in your opinion. You might even try to convince others of this. Explaining them your point of view. All the things, that go, or just might go wrong. All the obstacles on the road. All the things, that you need to wait for before you actually start.

Now be fair with yourself, how much do all these excuses matter? How many of them are actually true? Be really honest with yourself. Unless you like to lie to yourself and you feel fine with that. If so, ok. It is your life and your choice. However, if you don’t like the idea of lying to yourself, think for a moment, why do you do so? What is this kind of behaviour giving you? Is it in any way rewarding? Right, I know. You just feel good in the place you are now. You are fully satisfied and happy with your life and you do not want to change anything in it.

Is that what you think deep inside you? If all would be good with your life, would you feel that guilt, burning inside you? Caused by not doing the thing. By putting it all the time aside. So why do you do so again an again? Why do you want to feel guilty, for not doing the right, for you, thing? Do you like to feel this way? Do you like having things piled up on your to-do list? How does this make you feel right now? What kind of emotions does this is stirring in you? Are those, so-called, uplifting ones? Do you want to feel this way? When do you want to make a decision to start doing those things from your list? And…

Why you might want to start doing these things?

As already was asked, let us think now about those questions. What, this whole putting aside things, that are important, that will transform your life for the better, that will bring you a lot of joy and will fulfil you, is giving you? Does it bring you any rewards? Does it make you feel better? Does it make your life quality better? Your mood. Your health. Finances. Relationships with others. Does any of these things benefit from you deciding not to do something that will significantly impact your life?

When you see something to be done. What do you think at such a moment? Is it – Oh, this will require a lot of time and effort to be done? And what if I fail trying? I’ll do it, but I need to have first this or that. I need to wait for this to happen before I will be able to start. What if this or that happens? What if… Or rather you think, – What if all will goes smoothly? What if all will be done in a matter of minutes? What if I succeed? Ok, I might not have all the necessary things yet, but I can start with what I have already. How it is with you? Do you focus on visualising yourself as failing or succeeding at your task?

How would you feel at the moment when you will do the thing? When it will be done, finished, completed? Think about how would you feel when you start harvesting all the effects of your hard work? How would you feel knowing that you actually did it and now you can relax and profit from what you just accomplished? Now, hold to that feeling. And ask yourself. Do I still want to wait for something or do I want to feel the surge of positive feelings accompanying the accomplishment of the task? Is this something I would like to feel? Is it a memory I would like to have? If so…

How can you stop waiting?

Greate stoic Seneca said – when you wait for life, life passes away. Is this vision appealing to you? So what can you do? How can you become a doer? How can you start ticking out things from your to-do list? Is it possible? What do you think about that matter? What is your opinion? What kind of techniques you could use? Any ideas, suggestions or tips? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Anyway, You can, of course, try to force yourself to do the things and do them, if possible, one by one. But this way you might quickly get discouraged and as result, drop the thing without finishing it. And I guess it is not something you want to do. Especially now, when you are more aware of the benefits of finishing it. What if instead of forcing yourself, you will try to trick your mind a little bit. Say to yourself, I will do this just for one minute. Prepare everything you need and do it for one minute. What usually happens in such a situation? Will you do the thing only for a minute? Even if so, you always progress a little bit, isn’t it?

If you do like planning, create a plan of when you will do, what part of your task and then stick to it. You might want to put this into your calendar with a remainder. Or use sticky notes with reminders of your things to be done this specific day. You can plan a week, month or even a year ahead. Or just have like date of when you like to accomplish your task and then do the plan for each day the evening before. Choose the way that suits you the most and stick to it. Observe and do regular checkups, of how did you progress with your task. What have you done, what went well, what did not go so well and what could you improve next time.


We discover a few reasons for you waiting for your life to happen to you, and why this might cause you more harm than good things. We discuss why you might want to start to be a doer, not a postponer. Also, we spoke about a few techniques of how can you start to do.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would share, in the comments, what interesting and positive you found in this material. Also if you find it interesting please share it with others. I am more than grateful.
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Blessings upon you my friend.

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