#232 Stop doing things you like.

#232 Stop doing things you like.

Hello, Tribers.
Did you ever catch yourself doing something fun instead of doing something you should do? Do you spend a lot of time on things you like, that not necessarily are life-improving? What can you do about that? Should you or do you want to change this? How then you can stop doing things you like and why would you start liking things you do? Let us explore this a bit…

What could you stop?

I really enjoy the time when I can watch some series on one of the VOD services, play some game, read a book, hiking or simply just sit and listen to music doing nothing else. It is a very enjoyable time and I am sure you have some activities you like to do yourself. Either just mentioned or maybe playing an instrument or anything else. Yet, most of those are not really the things that can or will improve the quality of your life, isn’t it? Doing those, surely you enjoy yourself, but nothing much besides that.

In life often happens that you, my friend, might land in a school or workplace, which suppose to be your dream place. Yet, after some time, you start to see the flaws of this place, position or maybe people in it. You might get discouraged and instead of doing your “duties”, you start to look and search for some distractions, that might help you just pass the day. Perhaps you get into your current place, just because there was no other or better option at that moment.

Whatever it was your reason, that lead you to your current situation, if you not feeling satisfied, first of all, think. Can you do something about it? What could you do to change it? How confident do you feel about this change? Can you improve your confidence? If you can not find any solution, at this moment, maybe it is time to consider the second option. And consider, how can you start liking this place, job or whatever it is. Focus on this and wait a little, for a better time and idea to come to you.

Why stop doing things you like?

As we already said. Everyone has some hobby. Something that it enjoys doing. Yet, those hobbies not always might be something that will make you grow and transform. Get you to enjoy your life in full, and earn money for you, so you could live a better life. Some of those are already mentioned movies, music, games and books. Sure, those are great amusements, yet how do you benefit from those? Do you gain anything from these actions?

Of course, you might say that, from some of those you can actually learn. Yes, that is right. Depending on the category you chose, you can learn. But at this moment I would like you to think rather about those activities, as ones that are performed just for pure entertainment. For enjoyment rather than anything else. Are those so important to you, that you can’t give up them? How are you feeling after any of these activities? Is it not, that if, for example, you binge on watching movies you feel guilty? Especially, if there is something you’ve planned to do? Something important, yet not so funny.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting you, to stop doing the likeable actions completely. The important thing is to have balance. Like with everything in life. You need some time for enjoying a game, book or movie. Just to recharge and reward yourself. However, it might be difficult to find that balance. Believe me, it is very easy to fall into extremes, either wasting time on entertaining activities or becoming a workaholic. So…

How to keep balance?

Firstly, decide what would you like to achieve, accomplish or learn? Then make a plan of how can you do so. What steps are required? When would you like to achieve it? Then when you have that plan in front of you, you might think about some techniques that you might find helpful to go on with your plan. Quite good and popular is the Pomodoro technique. Basically, you set a timer for 25 minutes and solely focus yourself on work during this time. Then you take a 5 minutes break. Plan something rewarding for that five minutes, but keep it simple and in the given timeframe. You repeat this process four times and then you take a longer break up to half an hour.

During these, work/focus runs you want to do good work. Focusing on your task and avoiding any distractions. So, if you, like many people, need to check your phone as soon as you hear the notification sound, might be good to switch your sounds and notifications off. There most likely is a button or function in your device called DnD (Do not Disturb). You might want to use it. If you have a habit of checking your phone even if there is no sound, just to not miss anything, maybe you can consider putting it, on those periods of time, somewhere out of view and reach, and invest in a kitchen timer.

Another great practice is to learn to say ‘No’, to things that are not important to you and that are distracting you from following your path to your dream. Set yourself priorities and stick to them. What is really important for you? What would you like to have? What kind of life would you like to live? How can you get to that vision? Who do you need to become? How can you become that person? Answer honestly those questions. Make a plan and act on it. Use technique that suits you to eliminate distractions, get out of your comfort zone and create a life you desire and you deserve.


Very briefly we explore a topic of what is giving you doing things you like, instead of those you despise, but you’re aware, would be better for you. Why would you want to change this and start liking things you do. And finally, how can you keep the balance between fun and focused activities. I would greatly appreciate it if you would share with me and others, what interesting and positive you found in this material. More similar topics can be found on the links below. If you would like to get support in finding the solution to your struggles, drop me a message and let’s have a chat to see if this is a good fit for both of us.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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