#233 Is your past haunting you?

#233 Is your past haunting you?

Hello, Tribers.
How many mistakes have you done in your past? How many times did you play them in your head? Do you have a habit to do so over and over again? Why don’t you want to stop? What this is giving you? How could you end this? And why? Wanna learn more? Let’s check this out then…

What is that thing chasing you?

Are you one of those people that, whenever they make mistake, even the silly one, such as saying goodbye instead of good afternoon, you will play this in your head again and again. Thinking, why have you done this? How did this happen? Why have you allowed yourself to say, do, this or that? How could you do this? And so on and so forth. This kind of going over some mistakes is at least very tiring, isn’t it?

Life has a funny way of circling in on you. We all make mistakes. Unless you were born perfect. Are you, thou? Some of your best moments and memories–were created with others. And some of your worst moments and memories were also coming from those same people.⁣ We’ve all failed, been hurt, left behind, loved and lost. But it’s all made us who we are today. Not just as individuals but as part of society.

And yet, a lot of us have that kind of habit implanted, to hold on, to the mistakes we made or to flaws we see in ourselves and just munch on them. As if by constantly thinking about them, you could change your past. Sure, it is good to be aware of things that, you could improve and to actually work on them to transform and become a better version of yourself. However, what will give you just replaying them in your head?

Why are you doing this to yourself?

Why do you torture yourself with this? Looking at every detail, every little gesture, word, thinking that, you haven’t meant this. Or that you actually shouldn’t do or say this or that. Or perhaps, that you could play things differently. Yes, there might be many scenarios for each situation. And maybe in some other multiverse, your other version, followed one of them. You, most likely never find out.

However, again, you choose this kind of action and that is all whats matter at this time. Even if you might not be fully happy now with what you did or with the outcome of your action. It happened. So, why do you get down on yourself? Why are you harsh on yourself, sitting and telling yourself that you’re a loser. Why not think about what can you do now? Why not be proactive in making the changes necessary to achieve smoother resolutions and move on with your life?

Dealing with the past is never easy, but when you keep constantly thinking about your mistakes, then it becomes downright toxic to your emotional well-being. It makes you stuck in place and keeps you from moving forward. Is it holding to this make you feel good? Is it in any way rewarding for you? Is it improving your situation? Your well-being? So why do you do this kind of harmful thing to yourself? Would you like to stop? …

How can you release yourself?

First of all, you can ask yourself, would I punish a child, which just started to walk, for failing? Actually, do you remember what was told to you, when you started to learn to walk and fail? Wasn’t that something like – Come on, You can do it. You fail, get up and come on, try again. Is this situation much different? Why do you actually do the opposite to yourself? What kind of benefits do you have doing that? When you, honestly answer those, you might find,. that it is nothing beneficial in this. Nothing that you would like to continue to do. So, now, do you want to stop doing this?

Remember, you are only a human. So, other questions, you might ask yourself, are – can you revert, what had happened? Can you go back in time and do things differently? I assume your answer is ‘No’. Then, can you forgive yourself for those failures, flaws or mistakes? Can you focus on here and now? What can you do today to make things better? What are your goals for the future? Know this, when you focus on the present and the future, you are less likely to dwell on the past.

We all have problems, some more than others. But that doesn’t mean anything. Every person is important and we’re all working towards something greater. So it’s time to stop blaming yourself, and start taking control of the situation! Show yourself a little favour once in a while. It is important to be kind and understanding to yourself and others. Give yourself a little more credit and freedom to make these kinds of mistakes. To be silly. To fail. Do them, learn from them, adjust your actions and live your life. Whatever your past, you can build the future you’ve always wanted


We discover here what past events might chase you. Also, we talk about why you allow them to do so and if you still want to be this way. In case you would like to stop we learned a few tricks you might find useful. It is now up to you what will you do with that knowledge. If you would like to get support in finding the solution to your struggles, drop me a message and let’s have a chat to see how can I help you. I would greatly appreciate it if you would share with me and others, what interesting and positive you found in this material. More similar topics can be found on the links below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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