#239 Acceptance and How to Increase Your Levels of Acceptance?

#239 Acceptance and How to Increase Your Levels of Acceptance?

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How many times happened that your plans went sideways? How many times were you stopped by something unchangeable? How many times have you struggled with something for hours, days or maybe even years just to find out you can’t change it? What could you do in that kind of situation? How acceptance could help you? What is acceptance? Why is acceptance Important? How can you increase your level of acceptance? Check this material for more… 

What is Acceptance?

In life, you cannot always control what happens to you. You can’t decide whether someone like you or not and if things go your way or not. These are all things that are out of your control. However, what you can control is how you respond to these events and circumstances. This is where acceptance comes in. Understanding what acceptance is and how you can increase your levels of acceptance will help you during difficult times when things aren’t going your way or you feel that things could be better for you. Increasing your levels of acceptance will also set you up for a happier future where you will be able to cope better with whatever life throws at you.

Acceptance is when you know that things are the way they are and there is nothing you can do to change them. A lot of people struggle with acceptance because they want to change people or situations, to be different to how it currently is. To be the way they want. However, accepting this, allows you to acknowledge your feelings, thoughts, and emotions, but you can also let them go easier, so you can move forward with your life. Even if it might sound like it, acceptance is not the same as resignation. Resignation is when you give up hope, that things will get better or change, while acceptance is when you know they won’t change, but you can still move forward with your life.

Acceptance is the process of letting go of wanting the present or past to be different. Acceptance makes room for new experiences and opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. When you accept something, you acknowledge that it is true and that it exists. We can define two kinds of acceptance, positive and negative. A positive form of acceptance is when you choose to accept something that you previously tried to change, but now understand that you can’t change it. An example of positive acceptance is when you have learned as much as you could from a situation, tried everything you could, and understand that there isn’t anything else you can do to change it.

Why is Acceptance Important?

There are many reasons why acceptance is important in life. As was mentioned above, a positive form of acceptance helps you to let go of things you cannot change. This is because acceptance is about acknowledging that something is true and there is nothing you can do about it. That you have tried all that was in your power and that’s it. Now you can accept that and move forward and this is another reason why acceptance is important. If you continue to try and change something you cannot change, you are wasting your energy and time. Acceptance allows you to move forward and make the most out of your life.

It Helps You Cope Better – this is one more reason why acceptance is important. Research has found that people who are accepting of their situation are better at coping with difficult and stressful events. This is because they have let go of any efforts to change things they can’t and have decided to accept their situation as it is. And again remember, that it does not mean you give up hope. You are just choosing to let go and prepare yourself for change. For better times to come. It means that you actively search for new opportunities and ways around unfortunate situations.

One more reason why acceptance is important is joint to the relations with people. You might notice that some people act, appear or talk, in a way you might not like or even find irritating. However, are you aware that you can’t change others? Now, what shows that, if you are not accepting them even, or maybe especially, if their way is different from yours? Do you know that in this case, by not accepting others,  you show a lack of love, respect, kindness and goodness? Sure, it might be hard for you, but look at the thing from their perspective. Are you sure, for 100 and 1 %, you are acting, appearing or talking, the way they would like you to?

How to Increase Your Levels of Acceptance?

There are many different ways, that can help you increase your levels of acceptance. Some of them may work better for you than others. There is no right way to increase your acceptance levels, but there are some effective methods you can try to implement. Here are some for you to check:

  • Reflect on Your Current Situation – ask yourself, “What are the facts of this situation?”, “What is the situation not?”, and “What can I do with it now?”.
  • Learn to Accept Life’s Unexpected Events – For example, if someone you love passes away, or if your relationship ends, you can’t change these things. They are unexpected events in life that you have no control over. Once you accept these events, they will hurt less and you can start to move forward with your life.
  • Practice Mindfulness – it is a practice that involves bringing your awareness to the present moment and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and surroundings as they are. It helps you be more in tune with your emotions and feelings and understand that there are some things in life you cannot change.
  • Get Support from Others – When you have people around you, who care about you, you can share your feelings and get acceptance from them. Having others around you who understand your situation and accept you for who you are is very helpful in increasing your level of acceptance.
  • The next three are related to itself
    • Identify Your Areas of Concern – If you have a situation or event in your life that you are worried about, write it down and think about what is causing you anxiety. You can also identify areas of concern in your life that don’t cause you anxiety, but that you want to improve. This could be anything from improving your relationship with your partner to getting a better job.
    • Identify Your Emotions Behind These Areas of Concern – Are you feeling worried, anxious, fearful, or sad? Now that you’ve written down your areas of concern and identified your emotions behind them, you need to understand why you are feeling this way. What is causing you to feel this way? Are there any steps you can take to improve these areas of concern?
    • Set Yourself Some Goals to Improve These Areas of Concern – Once you have identified your emotions and areas of concern and have understood why you feel this way. Just make a step-by-step plan of action of how can you improve it. Set yourself a goal, where you would like to find out yourself. Whom you would like to become.


In this material, we found together what is acceptance, and why it is important. Moreover, we reveal a few techniques that you can use to increase its level in your life.

It would be wonderful if you could tell me and others about what positive you found in this material.

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