We, humans, tend to search for acceptation. Some of us can go to the extreme and be like slaves just to be accepted. Even those who claim that they do not care about others opinion and acceptation, deep inside crave for it.

This kind of behaviour comes from a belief that others should always like us and prise our actions or presence. But when you look at this closer, you might spot how exhausting this belief is.

To be accepted, you might try to manipulate others, by doing everything they might expect. You might try to please others, by all means, say something nice, bring someone favourite cookies and so on. Like a puppy, waiting to get a price for being good. And when it not come, you feel disappointment, maybe even anger.

Thing is that your intentions in this, in the long run, make your life hard and miserable. You condition your good feeling from how other people act, behave and think about you. This might lead you to feel more stressed and even hating yourself and other people.

What can you do about that? Is this real, that all people always have to like you, prise you and accept you? Is this belief, give you emotional freedom? Do you want to still believe in this? What new belief you can put in this place?

Maybe something like this. I do not have to be accepted and liked by all around. People are different, some will like me others not. Most important is that I am accepting and love myself and this gives me safety.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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