Acting, why is so hard to start?

Acting, why is so hard to start?

Ever wonder why you can’t succeed? Why you are blocking yourself from achieving your dream life? Why you live in mediocracy or even in misery? One of the reasons is inaction. It is quite easy to just sit and not doing anything. Maybe just thinking and planning your moves. Or daydreaming about your future. Would you agree? But when it comes to action, well, you might find yourself hardly wanting to do the work. Or I should say to start to do acting. Yes, of course, you love to have a beautiful body, a better relationship, a great car or house or anything else. You can imagine that, in quite details.

You see these images in your head. You can picture the things you want. And this is amazing. Though, can you see yourself having them? Do you see yourself, driving that new car of your dreams? Can you feel the touch of the steering wheel, the breeze on your face, the smell of the interior? Can you see yourself holding in your arms your ideal partner? His or her smile, the scent of perfume, the beating of the heart? Can you imagine yourself going through your house, sitting on the couch, maybe swimming in the pool? Can you feel the touch of the wall on your hand, can you smell the scent of the freshly baked cake from the kitchen? Can you see the furniture you chose for your rooms? Can you imagine, not only this desired thing but also, yourself using it, having it, enjoying it?

The thing is that imagining the desired items, events or relations is not enough. You need a few more things to actually attract them into your life. When imagining it, you need to use all your senses, or at least as many as you can. So feel the touch, taste and scent. See yourself using this item. Enjoying the company of your partner. And so on. The next thing, when you can imagine that, with as many details as you can and experiencing it as if you already have it, is to actually do the work. You can imagine the thing, you can imagine yourself having, doing the thing. This is awesome. You maybe start to planing a little about how to achieve that. Now is the time to get up from your chair and start acting.

I know and I completely understand all your concerns. All the, but how, what I need to do, I can’t have it or even I do not deserve to have it. I really understand that and I know how those beliefs and questions undermine your self-esteem and willingness to act. I go through this myself. Many times. I know that there are many reasonable-sounding explanations and excuses. But let me ask you something. Do you want to just live in your dreams or you want to live your dreams? Do you want to live your life in a mediocracy or you want it better? I believe in you and that you deserve to have a great life, to have everything you desire. Now it is your turn to believe in yourself as well.

If you want, I can help you to build this belief and unblock your potential. Just send me a message here or through FaceBook or LinkedIn.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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