Allow yourself to be imperfect.

Allow yourself to be imperfect.

Nowadays, there is a huge pressure put on all of us. On how we look. How we behave. What we do in life. In simple words, we should be perfect in every way to be accepted by society.

I don’t know about you, but I love to watch a comedy’s. Laugh at characters who are clumsy and no perfect at all. See them making mistakes. Having a stain on their clothes. Or a bit of a jam in their hairs. Watch how people make fun of them. Their confusion as they don’t know what really is going on. And have fun myself watching all that.

Recently, watching some of that kind of movies. I realise, that this all clumsiness, actually does not change or decrease the true value of that person. So, I thought, why should I bother if I make a mistake? Why should I get mad at myself if I don’t look or act perfectly? Will this, in any way, change my worthiness as a person? Absolutely not.

If someone sees me only through how I look outside. That’s his problem. It is a shallow person. So should I, you worry about their opinion? Not at all. We are not perfect. You might want to seek to become ideal. Even, you should work on yourself every day to become better. The point is to have a distance to yourself. And laugh if your imperfection surface this way or another.


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