An old car story.

An old car story.

I have heard a story some time ago and I want to share it with you. A father comes to his daughter to congratulate her passing driving license exam. He came to her and give her car keys and said.

— A while ago I bought that car for you, cause I have believed that you will have a driving license and you will need it. It was quite a while, so the car is a bit old now. If you like, go to the car dealer down the road and ask how much he will offer you for it.

The daughter went to the dealer and come back to father saying that his offer is a $1000. The father said

— Ok, I want you to go to the guys on the scrap yard and ask them the same.

And so she went and come back saying that they offer a $100. Father said again.

— Now I want you to go to that motor club on the hill and show them the car and ask about their offer.

She comeback from the club saying that they were offering her a $100 000 for that car, as it is 1967 Ford Mustang with 427 cubic inch Roush Performance V8 with 550 horsepower. Father listen to that and say.

— See my princess, it is still the same car. But, it has a different value for different people. Remember, to always go there where people will recognize your true value.

This story shows us two things.

  • there are always people who believe in you,
  • you are valuable, but you might not be in the environment where your true value is recognized.

Think about that.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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