Appreciate your efforts

Appreciate your efforts

What are you focusing on? Do you see just the mistakes you made? The failures. Imperfections in yourself. What are you getting from seeing just those slips and errors? Is this kind of perception, knowledge brings you something good? Is this helps you to grow in any way? Become a better person? Improve yourself? Those are important questions you need to ask yourself and answer honestly.

In our times, society mainly pinpoints the mistakes people, and you between them, do. It is said, that it is for good of the person itself, yours as well. Even it is called – the positive criticism. Yet still, it is criticism. No matter how nicely named. How charmingly articulated. It still is a criticism. Pointing out the mistakes you might make. I understand, that it is important to know, that you could do something better. To know that you can improve and grow and become a greater person.

Though in my opinion those positive comments, let say, do not actually work. Maybe they work for some people. Maybe for you as well. However, I want to show you another way, you could try and use it, in your life. Sure that you make mistakes, we all do. Treat them as lessons. Lessons of humility and remainder of values, you chose for yourself, to be loyal.

Now, when you realise this. Stop taking away the hope and power by thinking of the trips. Think of the effort you have put into keeping to your values. Focus on what goes well. Appreciate all your wisdom, strength, instinct and persistence. Think about what you achieve, what are you proud of. List those achievements, strengths on a paper. And look at them every time you lose your focus. Or even better. Make them as a reminder in your smartphone calendar. The remainder that pops up every day or even multiple times a day.

This way, you will look at yourself in a more realistic, positive way. That will improve your attitude, self-esteem and wellbeing. It will build your trust in your skills and abilities. This way you will be able to finally release yourself, your full potential and achieve any goal you would set for yourself. So, now, start to focus on your good sides and strengths. You are a good and precious person. See that yourself and, no matter how big or small they might look in your eyes, be proud of your achievements.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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