Are you showing your appreciation for things you have? Things you receive? Are you grateful for your skills? And I am not talking about your unique ones. Of course, be grateful for them. But I am talking about those skills like walking, feeling, seeing, the common ones.

Why should you be grateful for them? Well, how would your life look without them? If you could not see the beauty of nature, smell and taste your favourite food. Go for a walk in the park, or even just to a shop.

Another thing. If you are in a relationship, are you see only the flaws of your partner? Why is that so important to you? Would not be better to start to look for the things that are good in your partner? And really show appreciation for them.

This can be applied to your co-workers as well. If there is someone who in the opinion of others is annoying or clumsy. Try to look at this person and find positive things in it. Things you can appreciate. If you can not, for some reason, show your appreciation to that person, just yet. That’s ok. Just think about that goodness in this person and feel the appreciation for that in you, for a start.

Doing this, seeing positivity and showing appreciation, have great power. For once, you will start to feel amazing, trust me. Secondly, you train yourself, to see more and more things around you to be grateful for. Finally, this is a powerful feeling and it is a part of the law of attraction.

You are sending a signal to the universe, saying I am happy. I am grateful for what I already have. Send me more of that. And the law of attraction will respond and send you more things to appreciate. To be grateful for. Try this approach. Make a commitment to feel and show appreciation for the next 21 days. And experience how your life change for better.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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