Are you a light of inspiration?

Are you a light of inspiration?

Have you ever been inspired by something you read or heard? Have you ever inspire someone? What was, that you feel at such a moment? Was it a nice, warming and encouraging feeling? Would you like to be an inspiration for other people? Find how in this material. Enjoy.

What inspiring means?

I am quite sure, that you have heard of people being inspired by others or by something they see or heard. All artists are searching for inspiration. For they muse. For something that will touch them and make them want to do something. To perform some kind of action. Either writing a poem, sing a song or do painting, sculpting.  Create something. Act.

On that hunt for inspiration are nearly all people and not only. Businesses are looking for inspiring designs. Game industries are searching for inspiration for their games. Producents are looking for inspiring items. Bloggers, YouTubers, writers are seeking topics that will make you, dear reader, come to them, read, listen and see their content. Like it and return for more.

I would say that inspiring is motivating someone. Making this person want to do something. Sometimes, things that, might be scary or tough at first glance. Yet, cause inspiration, this person is willing to do it. But, how would YOU describe inspiration? Surely you have a definition of your own. Share it in the comment section. I would love to know your opinion on this matter.

Why be an inspiration?

Now, you might look for inspiration yourself. And this is an amazing thing. I mean not that you need to look for it. But rather, that you are willing to do it. That you are not waiting for it to come to you. Sometimes this happens. However, it is a very rare event, that inspiration will come to you. Secondly, what gives you waiting? Is it bringing you closer to anything? Unless there is nothing else you can do.

Nevertheless, why you might want to be someone’s inspiration? What do you think? What could be your reason to want to inspire others? How do you feel when you get inspired? Is it not that you are feeling that burst of positive emotions and energy? That you just can’t standstill. That you feel some unresistible power pushing you to act?

Would you like to others experience similar emotions? Would you like make others to feel this passion? Join you in this positive experience. Even if their actions and plans will differ from yours? How would you feel, seeing someone you inspired to take action? How this would impact your mood? Would it impact at all?

How can you inspire?

I can bet, that you know how can you inspire others. Though sometimes it might be hard. Especially when you want to inspire someone with whom you see great potential. Or you care a lot about that person and so you want to help it. You feel that you need to inspire this person. You just want this person to see its potential as well and grow. Release it and use it at full spectrum. Yet, you might feel empty, out of ideas on how to inspire.

On other occasions, you might have many, many ideas. You try one and another and another. Without results. Like throwing rocks into the sea. They sink. Maybe making little waves of excitement, but at the end disappear without effects. In such situations, you might feel helpless, stressed and anxious. Though this is no one’s fault. This person might not be ready for action, yet. Leave it, till the right time to come.

You might create some plans of how to inspire others. Yet, from my experience, it is most of the time your actions that will inspire. Not the words. Not only. If you will use just the words, well, you still might inspire someone. Though, if you combine them with examples of your actions, the effect might be surprising even for you.


You know now what is an inspiration and how can you inspire others. The question you need to find an answer is, why would you like to be an inspiration?
In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message in the comment section.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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