Are you afraid of life?

Are you afraid of life?

When life gets tough, what is your first feeling? Are you afraid of that? Are you getting scared when something unpredicted, new, unknown happened? Did you ever wonder why that happens? Why are you afraid? Let’s do this now, ok?

Is this kind of fear of a little child? Who’s thinking, that it will not manage with that what life brings? That it is to small and know nothing? Or maybe it is a fear, because, you have, inside you, resistance to every change that might come? Or maybe it is just a fear of the unknown? A new thing for you.

Now, when you know your enemy. What can you do about those fears? It is true that fear, in some circumstances, can save you life, but is this a case now? If not, how you can go about that? Let’s go one by one.

So firstly, the child’s fear. Are you still a child? Or you are an adult? When you make up your mind, knowing it is the right decision, are you easily convinced to change it? Or you have the will power that you show on such occasion and you defend your opinion? So maybe you could use this power now. Wake it up and use it.

Do you feel that the resistance to changes? Most likely, this is encoded deep in you, as in nearly anyone. A believe, that all changes are bad and dangerous. But do you want to, still believe in this? Say now at loud – Changes are good and inspiring. They bring new ideas, new possibilities.

Finally, are you often afraid of different things? Why is that? Is this because you not feel secure? What can you do about that? How much time do you spend with yourself? I know you are laughing now. All-day, you say. But, honestly, how much time you give yourself. To go for a walk. To prise yourself. To tell yourself – I love you. Do this often, as this is the way to build the feeling of safeness, of being protected.

Give yourself the right to be free from fear in life. The one ridiculous fear that is stopping you from living your life. Use the questions and methods mentioned above to release yourself. To find balance and happiness in life. Give yourself freedom from fears and enjoy your life.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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