Are you living your life?

Are you living your life?

A long time ago, when you were a child, someone decided what you should do in life, how your life should look like, who you will be in your life. Your parents, as usually they do such a thing, have plans for you when you were born. They have a vision about you completing their dreams and living a great and happy life.

They do this because they love you. They want all that is best for you. They were convinced that they know better what that, best for you, really is. But is that really what you want? Is that really your dream life?

  • If you decide to give up your fears, how your life will look like? 
  • If you decide to not care about what people will say about your decisions, your choices, about you, what will you do? 
  • How this decision, would change your life? 
  • How it would change if you would decide to be courageous?
  • What your life would look like if you would decide to act on your dream? To follow what you feel in your heart?

Think about that for a while. Find your answers. As this is your life. Live it the way you love. The way you choose. The way it makes you happy and fulfilled. 


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