Are you participator or spectator?

Are you participator or spectator?

Are you just watch at your life and allow it to pass by? Or maybe you are actively taking part in it? How do you can know who you are? Let see. Do you do what you like in life? Do you enjoy every moment of your life? Do you work in a profession that is your true passion? Do you live in a place where you feel happy? Do you have things you want to? Do you travel as much you would love to?

If you answer “YES” for most of those questions, happy days. You are engaging with your life. You are taking from it what you want and give the best of you, of what you have to offer, in exchange. If, for some reasons your answers were “NO” or “DON’T KNOW”, well, you might live your life. But are you enjoying it? You might have some good experience in your life. You might have some of the dream list things achieved.

But is that all that you want? Or maybe, you just get used to the situation and decided that there is no point to put more effort. Oh yes, there will be some effort needed if you want to live your life in full. What I can promise you though, the price you achieve, your dream life is worth it. So, what it gonna be? Will you still observe your life? Or you engage in it and start to live and enjoy your life?

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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