Are you private or a general?

Are you private or a general?

How are you treat yourself? Most likely you are the most demanding general for yourself. And at the same time, a private who tries with all his might make the general happy, fulfilling given commands. Am I right? I mean, I was doing that all the time to myself.

Even more, the way I was treating myself, I have transferred over the people I met. They were either in charge or slaves. Is this sound familiar? Are you, dividing people for better and worst than you? Do you despise the worst ones and hate the better ones?

Recently, I realise one important thing. We are all equal. Look closely at someone you thing is worst than you. Is it really? This person might not have the knowledge you have. Might have fewer letters in front of the name. Maybe can not speak so eloquently as you can.

But can have skills you do not possess. Might be a great cook, mechanic, inventor, gardener, you name it. Taking our previous division, at this moment, this person is better than you now. So, what is the point of al that?

Exactly, there is no point in these comparisons. The sooner you understand that truth, the better and happier life you will have. You are neither the general, great master, nor the private or slave. Decide to treat yourself with respect and love.

When you start to treat yourself this way, you will observe that at the same time, your relations with others will improve. We are all free people, with different gifts and skills. Your most important task in life is to Live. Enjoy life. Be free and happy. Give yourself that right. Permanently.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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