Are you running too much?

Are you running too much?

Do you often get annoyed that some things take so much time to accomplish? Do you often get frustrated when you need to wait for someone or something? Do you often feel discouraged or resigned when things go to slow in your opinion? Where you ever wonder why you feel this way? And more importantly, what can you do about that?

Those kind of thoughts and feelings are a common thing in our times. A whole society is rushing and running all the time. Very popular is a statement – I do not have time, or – I do not have enough time. Maybe you to use those sentences, without even thinking about them. I was always saying, that, for me, even if the day would have like 72 hours, it would be not enough, to do everything I have planned. This kind of saying and thinking just escalate the stress level and force you to do more, to do things faster. In result, you might be rushing and running with the rest of the world.

Thing is that, this way you get nowhere. Your stress level will be, if it’s not already, very high. That, in a result, leads to many diseases and other disorders. What again increase your stress level. Do you see where this is going? This is an infinite loop, a vicious circle leading to a tragedy. Is this what you want from your life? Is that what you desire for yourself? Is this the only way life can go on? How can you free yourself from this urge to run?

Well, first of all, you need to realise that you are running. Next thing is to decide if you still want to run. Now, the questions below can help you to make this decision:

  • What will happen if you slow down?
  • Will the world ends if you stop running?
  • What is really important to you?
  • What do you want from life?
  • How do you want your life looks like?

Answer those questions and apply changes to your life, that will make it better, easier and the way you will love it.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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