Are You still waiting for outside help?

Are You still waiting for outside help?

Sometimes you can have a kind of sensation that you’ve stuck.

You may wait in such a moment that some magical force will show up and give you a boost. Some power to pressure you to change. To finally be great and amazing.
Or maybe you are sitting back waiting for somebody to give you permission to move forward. You expecting this person to give you some external motivation. To prise you or push you in order to change.
You might be waiting as well for some life circumstances to be right to move forward with your growth.

Truth is that this may or may not come in your life. Waiting for some external force to come and do the work for you is not the smartest idea. Of course, You might be lucky. But in reality, the only kind of force that truly can and will create change, is you! The only sort of power to improve your life is in you. This is, so-called, an internal kind of force.

So you need to quickly realise, that you don’t need any external power to push you or give you permission. All that is already in you. Give yourself permission and be great. Have things you want to have. Achieve your goals.


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