How would you define attachment? In my opinion, the simplest and most accurate description would be as follow. This is mine and I want that this will be mine, till the end of the world.

People attached themselves to everything. To another person, animal, money, house, holidays, habits, comfort and many other things.

A bit silly, don’t you think? When you think about this you will realise, what you, most likely, already know. Everything has embedded by Nature variability. Nothing is actually permanent.

Emotions, feelings, thoughts change. Money transfer from one account to another. They value change as well. This the nature of the world, that everything lives, adapt to different circumstances and advance.

If you attach your emotions to something to the extent you conditioning your happiness from that thing, you will suffer. I would dare to say. Being attached to much, is the source of all misery in the world, in your life.

There is no point to demand, that something or someone, will be yours or the way it is now. By nature, everything evolves.

Release yourself from demands, expectations and attachments. Be free and happy with what you have now. Observe the growth, evolution of life and world. And go with the flow, experiencing the life in full.


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