Attitude – how it impacts your life?

Attitude – how it impacts your life?

When you are given a task what is your attitude? When you have something to do, how you approach that? What is the meaning of attitude and how it impacts your life? Can you change it? Let us find out this together, shall we?

What is attitude?

The dictionary definition of attitude is how you feel or what opinion you hold bout someone or something. Secondary meaning is how are you behaving because of your attitude. For example, you can have the belief, attitude, that you can be the best candidate for a job position. This belief can set your attitude toward work, which will bring you the position, to be good.

Often, you might use or hear this word used in a negative way, though. People point out when someone’s attitude is bad. Or when they cannot accept, do not like someone’s attitude. Popular sayings are – I do not like your attitude. You have an attitude issue. You have a bad attitude towards this project.

Your attitude decides how you perceive the world around you. The environment might be the same for two persons, but because of their attitude, they will notice it differently. For example, two people being out on a hot and sunny day, one can enjoy it and have a time of life, where the other will be sweating, complaining and feeling miserable.

Your attitude is a product of what you have been taught as a child. What kind of beliefs, ideas and feelings you hold. What kind of opinions were imprinted in you. Those might be helpful or disturbing. But no matter this, now you are conscious about that and you can make a conscious choice, what will be your attitude.

Impact of attitude

There are many articles and talks about attitude on the internet. A lot of them good. From most of them, you can learn that your attitude is important. That your attitude toward anything impacts how you perceive and proceed with this thing. This also affects, how much you will enjoy your task and how good you will perform it.

Will you just rush through it to complete the task as quick as possible. Just to get it done and forget about it? Or will you focus on it and do it with whole attention and a positive attitude? It might be difficult sometimes, I know. Especially, when the task is not really appealing for you. When it is something boring or of little importance in your eyes.

In such moments, it might be a real challenge for you, to do the task and keep a positive attitude. And this is completely normal. We all prefer to do things that are appealing to us. You are not alone in this kind of thinking. You too might prefer to do the thing, that is more enjoyable or of higher importance, than for example, washing the dishes or cleaning the room.

In fairness, your attitude impacts every little aspect of your daily life. It defines how you react to misfortune and difficulties. It establishes your ability to grow and to learn, your ability to overcome any challenges in your life. Your attitude determines also what kind of bonds you create with others.

Transform your attitude

As I said above, your attitude comes from your deep beliefs. Ones you hold in your subconscious. And it might be hard, close to impossible to change them, to even realise that you have them, if not your attitude. It uncovers your belief for you, if you pay attention, to what is your attitude to a task at hand.

Thanks to that, you might consciously transform your beliefs, feelings by changing your attitude by choosing it. By consciously making a decision, how you would like to perceive the thing, person, task that just appeared in your life. Reversing the attitude to grow, evolve and transform your life.

You can not change your attitude in one go. It is a continuous process. Yet, a quite simple one. Whenever you observe an attitude you would like to change, just consciously focus yourself on, how would you like to feel in this moment. Make-believe games, like a child, to boost the positive feeling, you would like to experience.

Be patient. Do not try to force a huge transformation all at once. Plan your change. Begin with the most relevant transformation of your daily routine. Start with baby steps. And add levels of complexity as you will feel more confident with the new attitude. Most importantly, be consistent with this new practise until it becomes your new way of feeling and seeing the world.


In this post, we briefly learn about what is an attitude, how it impacts your life and what can you do to make it work for you, not against you. In any case, you would like to know more or need some support I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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