Avoid negative influence.

Avoid negative influence.

You are not responsible for the emotions and thoughts of other people. You do not have to connect and allow other people emotions to have an impact on you, on how you feel. If someone can not properly manage and express his emotions it is not your problem.

It is your choice if you allow those negative emotions to impact how you feel. So consciously make the decision to not connect with those negative emotions of others. Protect yourself, your heart from the influence of that negativism.

You do not have to be with that person and allow them to flood you with his problems and negative emotions. In such a situation, you can either stand there, listen to this person and allow him to have control over your feelings. Or you can observe him, send him good thoughts and just leave him be.

Never allow someone to have power over your emotions and the way you feel. It is simply your decision. So choose wellness and wellbeing for yourself. Remember that, you are the most important person for you.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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