Baby steps.

Baby steps.

When there is something in your life that you would like to do or maybe change, You might feel an urge to charge with your head down at the task. The only thing you might get from that kind of approach is a headache. This, leads also to the disappointment and frustration, as you might feel like a failure. Cause you could not accomplish your goal. Moreover, you could, by this kind of approach, create a mess and disaster. You might see it as a huge mountain you can not go over or move out of your path. This might make you feel stressed and make you give up on any tries to do anything.

Is that kind of approach something you would like to feel? Is this what you want? What can you do about that? What kind of approach to anything you like to do in life, you can choose? What will be the healthy way to look at any task and difficulty? I am sure that you already have some of the answers in your head. And I am sure those answers if you remove the sarcastic ones, are great. I would like to share some of the ones I and my tutors, and friends are using.

So, first of all, look at the task, no matter how huge it is, with the strong belief that you can do it. That it is manageable. And be happy that it occurs on your life path to make you a better person. Next, understand that you do not need to do it all at once, in one go. Just do as much as you can do in one day. Wake up the next day and do your best again. The small steps, when repeated consistently, will create a habit. Make you stronger, smarter, better. But more importantly, it will guarantee your success with this and any other task at hand.

To make this kind of approach of a persistent warrior even easier, start every task by asking yourself a few questions. What is the task I want to do? How can I eat the elephant? How can I split it into smaller tasks? How can I plan small steps to do to achieve each of the small tasks? And then just do it. Consistently. Step by step. Little by little. Go forward to your goal. And achieve it.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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