Be a director of your life.

Be a director of your life.

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Would you like to be a great and famous actor? Would you like to play in a great movie with an amazing plot? With many great events? Would you like to direct that kind of movie? Deciding what, when and how things will happen? What if I tell you that this is possible and actually happening already? Read further to learn more.

What is the job of the director?

You’ve might see some movie directors in action. When they prepare and manage all people on the scene. Not only the actors but also the whole team of special effects, light and many other specialists. It is the director who has the vision of how the scene will look like. He or she has the script, true, but it is mostly his interpretation of it, from the written words to the images we see later on the screen. Director decides how to set everything up and later, how the actors need to play their roles. Many times replaying the scene to make it as close to the director vision as possible.

It might look like an easy job, giving orders and managing everything, yet it is not. Nevertheless, let’s focus on the good aspects of it. So, what else can you think about the movie director job? Would you be able to do that? To maintain and order teams of people? Would you like to do it? I’ve heard somewhere, that no matter how much, a person will prefer to follow someone lead. No matter, how much it might not like to be the one who is leading or managing, We all have that kind of element in us. The leader element. You too, my friend. You can disagree with that and tell me many proves that this is not true in your case. And that is fine.

Point is, that this is already in you. As I was saying the last time, you are made, your character, personality is composed of many different personas. And manager or let’s call it director, is one of them. It might be not your dominant one. Or even it might be hidden somewhere in the depths of your soul, but it is in you. You can see it manifesting in situations where, for example, in a group, everyone is just throwing ideas of what to do, but no one actually is making decisions about what to do. In such a moment you might, get annoyed and then take the lead, even to just point out what would be the best next move. It is your leading element revealing itself.

Why you should be a director?

Ok, but how this is related to my life? How can I use it for my advance? – you might ask. Well, let see. What would you prefer? To be told,  all the time, what do you have to do? How do you need to do things? What is good for you? Why something is good for you or not? Would you like to be forced to do things? Especially, those you really don’t like? Or maybe you do like the activity, but cause it is forced upon you, you, kind of instinctively, resist doing it? Do you like to be pushed by others or by life? How it is with you?

If you say that you do not mind being led or ordered, that’s fine. From time to time we all need to be guided. And not always, we have to be the ones who are the leaders. Who take whole responsibility for everything and everyone. But only sometimes. It is good to be in charge, don’t you think? I mean in charge of your own life. Your progress, your actions and the result of those. It is nice to be able to say, I did it. Also, it is, good to be able to say, I did mess up with that. But, I learn from that. I know it is not always an easy thing, but it is good.

So, why would you not like to become a director of your own life? Why would you not want to make your own decisions? Why would you not want to perform actions that you chose for yourself? Of course, this does not mean you do not accept anyone’s suggestions. That you do not listen to them. You still can and even should listen to what others can advise you. However, this does not mean that you have to do as they say every time. You are the director of your life. So, you listen and then draw your own conclusions on the information you receive.

How can you be one?

Pretty much this is how you can be a director. By listening to others. Getting what they say. Looking up for information. Process them. Think about what you learn and what people suggest to you. To finally make your own decision of how you would like to proceed. You might agree with someone and do as you were told. And this is fine. As long as it is in harmony with you. With your heart. Remember, that if some information makes you think, that means is important. If it makes you think and if it coming back to you. It means that it is something essential for you. Something that you need to make your mind on.

Though, do not spend too much time on this thinking. As I did, on many occasions. Sure, it is good and even required to consider as many of the possibilities, as you can. However, this might lead you to stop moving forward. To loop in a vicious ring. That is actually a very dangerous situation. You literally stuck, unable to make your mind. Unable to act. Afraid of what can happen. Seeing, imagining the worst of the scenarios. Paralysed, panicked and kind of hanging in the nothingness. Would you like this? Is that something appealing for you?

So, what you can do. If you would have a 100 per cent guarantee that you will succeed, what would you do? What would be your next step? What kind of plan you would create? A plan of little steps that you can start doing it even now. Imagine that. Imagine yourself making that and seeing things happen as you plan. Imagine yourself as already at the end of that episode about you. Happy, strong, confident. Enjoying the fruits of your decision and action. Remember, it is you who is the director of your life. And at the same a screenplay writer and actor. Just allow yourself to be and do whatever is that you choose for yourself


In conclusion, you are a director, writer of the script and the main actor of your life. You know what is that you can do to apply this in your life and use it to win your life. Will you use it? In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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