Be a dreamer

Be a dreamer

Hello, Tribers. Did you ever daydream? Did you ever have so a vivid dream that you thought that it is real? Were you ever been called a dreamer? How many times you have heard someone saying to you that you should stop dreaming? That you need to get to work. Focus and be realistic? But actually, is dreaming, imagining things and events so wrong? Want to know more? Enjoy reading…

What means to be a dreamer?

In our civilisation, there is a huge pressure put on being realistic. On being down to the earth. And so on. Our times were called a golden era of the mind. All because we, humans, are so proud of what we’ve achieved using our minds. And some of those achievements are really amazing. Yet, for some reason, we still criticise everything that is, in the opinion of many people, supernatural. Many times you might get interested in something but because of that society demand, you might feel afraid to, even admit that. But that is ok. No one likes to be excluded or laugh at, right?

Fortunately, this is starting to change. There are more and more people who bravely state their interests in these topics. There is also more scientists doing experiments proving those, supernatural phenomena. And in many situations, this happens because someone had a dream. No, I am not saying about the night kind of dream. I am talking about vision. And this person decides to follow it and find it how much it can push the boundaries to make it true. To prove it.

Visions or we can call them dreams, are the things that move our world, our civilisation forward. I am sure you have heard of people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Maria Curie-Sklodowska, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and many many others. Those were great inventors of many things that we can use in our times. And each of those inventions started with a vision, that this person had. A dream. They saw something in their head and decided, that this could be a great thing. And then just follow it and developed it so now we can use those things.

Why you would like to be a dreamer?

However, why YOU should do this? You might say, that you do not have anything interesting up your sleeve, to add to the world. That you are just a regular person. A no one. You might also think of yourself as a boring and dull person. Stop. Please do not do that to yourself. You came to this world for a reason. Yes, it is true, that you might not know it yet. But that does not mean it’s not real. You just need to find it.

And being a dreamer can help you with that task a big time. This act of imagining things, makes your brain think about possible solutions to some issues. Create new designs. Inventing new things. By doing this you are stretching boundaries. You will start to see more and more things. You will be able to come up with more ideas. And more and more will be coming to you every day. You notice that your brain, your imagination works as never before. The ideas you will come up which might astonish you.

Yet, what good will be if you will just sit the whole day and visualise, imagine, dream? Will that makes any difference? Will, it makes your life better? Will it impact the world somehow? You are absolutely right. It will not. So the next question would be. But you already know it and you know the answer. Correct. Now you need to act on your dreams, as those great inventors, we mentioned earlier. Only this way you will affect your life, other people lives. Who knows maybe even the whole world circumstances.

How to be a dreamer.

Reading through mentioned above people biographies, you might find, that they had to have a strong belief in their dream. That, it was not easy at all. They had to as well overcome many obstacles on their path. But they overcome that and now, thanks to their courage we can use x-rays, laptops, smartphones, lights. cars, planes and many other things. And yet many will be developed based on their ideas. On their visions and dreams.

But how can you do the same? Ok, you might not have so high inspirations. That’s fine. But that does not mean that you can not or do not want to make your dream come to reality. Or invent something. Even if this will be a holiday trip, to some place, you always wanted to visit. Or create a successful business that will allow you to drop your 9-5. Or invent a new type of backpack. Or anything else you are secretly dreaming of. Being scared to admit to that even to yourself.

What would happen if you will allow yourself to do this? How would you feel when this dream of yours would transform into reality? What emotions would accompany you in such a moment? This is one of the ways to start bringing your dreams to life. Imagine, whatever it is that you like to achieve. Believe you can and you will achieve it. Attach to this vision as many senses as you can and as many positive emotions and feelings as possible. Finally, start acting and make your dreams come true.


Ok, so you know that it is a good thing to be a dreamer, as long as you act on those dreams. You know how can you bring those dreams of yours to reality. Now it is time, for you, to act. In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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