Be a fighter.

Be a fighter.

How are you responding, to the situation, when some disagreement arises, between you and someone else? Are you trying to prove your rights? At all costs? Do you try to force another person to admit loud and publicly, it was wrong? Do you fight like a tiger to show this person that you know better what is good for it?

Of course, you are right. You definitely, want to prove your truth and at the same time help this person. You have an honourable goal. And so you fight for it. No matter the means you need to use. You do this to save the day. To help someone see their mistakes and to help that person to improve their life.

Are you really? Is it not as you like to see it humiliated, on its knees? Subconsciously, you might have satisfaction from that kind of view and from proving you are smarter. Ask yourself that. And be honest with the answer, what is your real intention in this matter?

Now, knowing your true intentions, I want to tell you that you still can fight to prove your rights. But you can be a positive fighter. How? First of all, before you start proving your rights, try to understand another person’s way of thinking. Put this person’s shoes on, and walk in them.

Then when you understand this person, use your understanding, your goodness, kindness and sense of humour to help this person. Without forcing it to change its way. Use your smile instead of the shout. Use your positivity and compassion, instead of humiliating and offending that person.

The most important take is for you to understand this. Fighting to prove your rights no matter the costs is ineffective. Moreover, it creates resistance in other people. Where using kindness, compassion and understanding are more effective. Try it next time, observing and being aware of the results.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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