Be a light brightening good actions

Be a light brightening good actions

When you see someone, who fail, who struggles with something. What is your reaction? Are you laugh at that person? Maybe criticise him or her? Or maybe you reduce his/her efforts? How many times did it happen to you? How did you feel in such moments? It wasn’t nice, was it? Unfortunately, that is what most of society tends to do.

However, now, when you realise that. When you actually think about it. You might consciously change the way you will react in such situations. Instead of criticism, you will start to look at how to praise that person for their effort. You might as well offer help in situations where you will be able to.

Doing this you give a sign to the world, that you care about others. And, believe me, or not, the world will take care of you. Will help you when you will need it. Will repay you a hundredfold.

So remember the following sentence, I don’t really remember who said that, but I think it is a great saying:

“If you can’t be a light to brighten people’s good actions, then don’t be darkness covering their efforts.”



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