Be a ray of light for your enemies.

Be a ray of light for your enemies.

The world is full of different people. Some of them are open, friendly and honest. They always are ready to help others or just to talk with others. I am sure you know those kinds of people. However, there is also another type. People who, for some, known usually just to them, reason, want to harm others. By saying or doing something against the others. Those people feel disdain and hate for others. They envy other people achievements, lifestyle and so on. Because of that, they plan attacks on other people. I hope you did not meet too many of them in your life. But if you ever meet that kind of person, you know what I am talking about.

What can you do in such encounters? First of all, leave them to be, the way, they want to. You can not change another person if, it does not want to change. So better is to get out of their way. Do not try to fight back or try to change them. This is usually useless and a massive waste of your time and energy. A better option is, to use those resources to build your goodness and follow your path to your goals. Let them waste their energy on planning intrigues and strategies of attacks. Giving your attention to their movements and ideas is just giving them part of you. Part of your heart and soul. Do you want that? Is that something that you need in your life? Don’t you think, this is a misuse of your spiritual, mental supplies?

Understand that, firstly, if they do not want to change, you can not do anything. Secondly, they are this way as they were misled. They lost their way to their greatness. Thirdly, following this path of anger, envy and hate, they actually harm themselves the most. This doing evil is equally, or even more, harmful to them as for the victims. That wandering in darkness, makes them feel scared. Increases the level of chaos, stress and feeling of lack of sense. Never try to change them or fight with them, as this will just create resistance. Multiply their negative feelings and make them go even deeper into the darkness of their soul. And as I said earlier it makes you waste your resources, on a Sisyphean work.

Yes. They are doing wrong. In any way, you should not tolerate, nor accept, that kind of behaviour. Though, you do not need to engage with them in any way either. Instead, feel compassion for them, and from your heart send them a ray of light and hope. A prayer if you wish. For they are lost souls. Know that you are not responsible for their doings and for their transformation. It is them, who need to want this and act accordingly to this desire. Build your own inner strength on goodness, hope and love. Raise your power by being kind and supportive to anyone who needs it and ask for it. This way you are becoming a ray of light for other people and for those lost souls as well. So, be the light in the darkness. A light that transforms others life by example. By sharing hope, kindness and love.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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