Be an author of your life.

Be an author of your life.

Are you live your own life? Are you a creator of it? Or you are following the expectations everyone around has for you? Do you always have your own opinion? Do you have your own non-negotiable values? Or, maybe, it is easy, to bend your will and convince you, to do something, you do not really want to? Are you follow your own path or you follow the crowd? Are you collecting experiences you want or, ones that someone selects for you? Do you make your own decisions and take responsibility for your life? Or you agree to someone else chose for you?

Answer these questions, with pen and paper, to find out what kind of person you are. Those questions will help you define if you follow your path, choosing your own goals. Or if you are relying too much on other people opinions and follow their suggestions. Don’t get me wrong it is good to have someone you trust and consult your choices. However, take notice of the word, consult. Whenever you need some insight, have a dialogue with someone. Though, always choose for yourself, make your own decisions, set your own goals.

To make it easier, use the reflection technique. What is it? I am sure, you know, what is reflection. You see that in action, every time you look in the mirror. Similarly, when you take time and look at your life events, or some circumstances, using reflection, will help you discover new insights. It is a way of looking inside you, into your heart and soul, to find a perspective. And to look outside, to see broader, larger and more accurate picture. Without this, you will just play a role in someone else script. You will be, let’s face it, fake, not authentic, far from your true identity.

So how can you be more yourself, more authentic? First of all, use the self-reflection technique. Be very honest when you use it. As if your life depends on it. Cause it is. Your happiness and enjoyment in life depend on how honest you are with yourself. Use the above questions and write the answers on paper. You might want to ask yourself also. What would I do, who I would love to be if I were guaranteed to succeed? What is on my list that can be removed or at least cutback as no necessary? What am I doing that I don’t like, and what am I doing that I love?

Those questions will help you to reflect on your life and get an even better picture of it. Remember that, no matter how many mistakes you made in the past. It is past. No matter how old you might be. No matter your nationality, skin colour, religion. As long as you are willing to improve yourself. To be better and have a better life. There is always life after any failure. It is not a game over. You can have and be whoever you wish to become. Just believe and have the willingness to honestly look at your life, reflect on it and take ownership of it. Be an author of your life.

Blessings upon you my friend.


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