Be authentic, be happy.

Be authentic, be happy.

There is so much negativity in the world. People around are so unhappy. They complain about anything and everything. Sometimes I have that kind of feeling as if they look for reasons to feel bad. As if the whole world and life were here to prove them right and make them even more miserable.

Is that what you have a problem with as well? Maybe you didn’t know about that. Or you do not think that this is a problem. I have had that kind of issue for a long, and I mean a long time. I was always looking and expecting the worst from life. Guess what? The worst always come. The law of Attraction never let me down in this case. And the funniest part, I was always the one, who cheers up all around and told them that everything will be just fine.

But one day I wake up and said to myself. Man, it can’t be this way any more. It is no good for you. Make up your mind. Either stop pretending how happy you are and be like the rest of the people around you. Or do something about that to be truly happy, be real, be honest.

This day I make a decision. I will stop playing games. I will be my true self. If I want to cry, I will. If I want to dance, I will. If I want to laugh, I will. Since then I am enjoying every moment of my life. I feel the freedom and happiness, I have never imagined. And from bottom of my heart, I wish you to make a decision yourself and be happy.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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