Be clear what you want

Be clear what you want

How clear are your plans? Do you define exactly what you want to achieve or you just use generalisation like most of the people? Do you specify you’re goals precisely? Do you say to yourself – I want to have a million dollars? Or you just say – I want to have more money? I want to lose 10 kilograms? Or I want to lose some weight?

This is very important to be precise. Life, World, Universe, God, called as you wish. Will answer exactly to your request. You want to lose some weight? Here you lose a kilo, done. You want to have more money? Here’s a dollar and get out. That’s the way world grand us our demands.

If you don’t set it precisely it will give you the minimum. Your goal. Your target. Your vision of your future, need’s to be clear. To be powerful enough to pull you toward it. To give you power. To give you motivation, to wake up every morning and do whatever is required to achieve it. Only then, the universe will help you get whatever is that you want.

Have a clear vision of your goal. Think about it every day. Play with that image. Enjoy it. Imagine it over and over again with all the details. And you will have it sooner than you know it.


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