Be courageously kind.

Be courageously kind.

I am sure that you are a kind person. That you are doing good and trying to give a hand, to your friends and relatives, whenever it is possible. And this is great. You are making someone’s day this way. But are you brave enough to say kind world to stranger person you travel within a train? Or say goodbye and wish a nice day to a clerk who was helping you in the shop? Or maybe, you lower your gaze, whenever you are in a public place, with strangers? Or leaving the shop, you say the goodbye, but not actually to any in particular.

I know it might require some amount of courage. Though, let yourself think about that this way. What would happen, when you will say a kind word to someone? What is the worst outcome of that kind of bravery? Well, someone might look at you, as you are some lunatic or weirdo. This is not a really nice thing to experience, I know. But what else can happen? What if you say to a stranger, that he has a great fedora. Or compliment a hairstyle of a lady sitting with you on a train. Or wish, a very great and blessed afternoon, to a clerk in the bank, looking straight at him.

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Don’t you think that this person would be pleased by that endorsing sentence? How are you feeling when someone says something like that to you? Are you not feel joy and happiness? Are you not pleased that someone actually spots something in you and praise it? Even the most introvert people, deep inside have that kind of need in them. To be noticed and to be praised for something they are proud of in themselves. They might, not admit to that, and even deny this kind of need. But I know it is not the truth, as I am like that myself.

I know this kind of behaviour require courage and being attentive, perceptive. To look at people and see the little details that make them outstanding from the crowd. Details that this person is proud of, that this person would love to be admired for. So I am encouraging you to be brave today. To be observant and to adore other people you meet on your path. Say a kind and friendly word to them. Send them a warm smile. Today, make someone’s day, by your kindness, and a positive attitude. Let’s make our world a better place for us to live in.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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