Be different.

Be different.

How often, thoughts that you are not fit into some group, invade your mind? How often, you have that feeling that you are different than others? Are you afraid of that, of being different? Do you want to fit in, no matter the cost? Be like the rest of the crowd?

Why? What will you get, from being like most of society? Why this is so important, for you, to fit in?

When you find answers to those questions. Ask yourself even more. Is that truly what you want, deep inside your heart and soul?

Think about this. Do you want to be like a cow follow the herd? Thoughtlessly, submissively.

Remember, this is your life. You might do this and, like a cow, just follow other’s ideas. Or you will stand out. Stop worry what others say and think.

Make the decision that you will live your life the way you want. Be different and follow your passion, your desire.

Feel the positive energy flowing through you, when you will choose to and go your own path. The path to your dream.


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