Be good to your inner child

Be good to your inner child

We all have inside us a little kid. Whose get annoyed, irritated very quickly when things don’t go the way it wants or like. Things that you actually have no power to change or do anything about it. For example, when someone takes your favourite spot in a pub or restaurant, or there is an unexpected detour on your way home after an exhausting day. It starts to yell inside that it is not fair, it does not like it, and so on.
In those moments you should know three things.

One, you are not a screaming child. You have it inside you, but you have a choice if you would scream with it or maybe you will show it how to look at this situation in another, positive way.
Two, protesting against things you have no control about is pointless and very exhausting behaviour. Moreover, believe me, or not, it makes you feel like a victim.
Three, this life change is to show you something that, in other circumstances, you would not notice.

So smile at your annoyed child and tell it – relax, look around and try to find why life directs you this way. In such a moment you might be very surprised what beautiful things you might see.


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