Be happy

Be happy

Were you wondering how to become more positive, happier? Even when in overall you happy and positive person, You may just start to feel exhausted, burn out. What to do in such moments? How to prevent those feelings?

Truth is that it may be difficult to be happy all the time. It is not, that we have a magical switch, that will keep us happy no matter what. But, the good news is, that you can train yourself to feel good. The secret lies in controlling your feelings and thoughts. 

In the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes, she wrote: 

” You are the only one who has control of your feelings, so start to get in touch with how you are feeling, and then deliberately focus on intensifying a good feeling within you”

To do so, start asking yourself

  • how am I feeling now
  • am I worried
  • if so, do I really want to be worried
  • do I really want to be sad
  • its that my choice
  • will this attitude help me with anything?

If you answer – NO- for the last 4 questions, you are on a good way to become happier. Now you need to find something, what makes you happy. For a starter, get up and go for a short walk. Observe the nature around you. Breath in the air. Feel the oxygen flowing through your body. And when you are walking, start saying to yourself – I love you.

Repeat that sentence, time and time again. And observe how you feel. It might sound silly. But from my and my friend’s experience, I know that this is working. Sometimes you may need to repeat this more times, but it is working.


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