Be important for yourself.

Be important for yourself.

How often are you hugging yourself? In your mind and in real life. How often are you praising yourself for anything that you did? How often do you say to yourself “I love you, you are the most important person for me“?

It might sound ridiculous to do this, yet this is a very powerful thing. You might have a tendency, as many of us have, to criticise yourself and to look for approval from others. Thinking, that you do not have, in you, anything that you could be proud of.

Remember about this, though. You are the only person, you will spend your whole life with. Others will just show up in your life from time to time. It is you who you need to be happy with, in order to have a happy life. No one else can give you that.

So give yourself a chance. You might want to ask yourself a few questions. Who am I? Do I feel good about myself and with myself? Do I like my company? What good is in me? How can I be more supportive of myself? How can I show myself more respect, love and appreciation?

The thing is that you have all that and even more in you. But for some reason, you decide, as many people, to walk around not seeing this. You are like this beggar, who is sitting on the chest full of gold and other treasures, not aware of this, as he never actually looks into it.

Stop being like him. Look inside your chest, inside you. Discover how beautiful, wealthy and lovely person you are. Give yourself a chance. Love yourself. Be your best friend. And see how you grow, bloom and flourish.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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