Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself

How are you treating yourself? Your body and mind? Are you kind to yourself? Or rather, you are a persecutor for yourself?

Do you demand from yourself to be always, every day at the peak of your body and mind capabilities? No matter how you are feeling that day, you are commanding yourself to do everything as usual or even better. Do You force yourself to be always the best? This is very good.

However, this way, you are actually fighting against your body, your soul and your mind. And that’s not actually very good. It is proven that we, humans, work better if we are treated fairly, with understanding and empathy.

So treat yourself like that. Be kind to yourself. This is your most essential duty. Only you know your thoughts, your dreams and your fears. And only you can manage to take care of them. Respect your strengths and weaknesses.

When you have one of the weakest days, just slow down. Take a break. Understand that those kinds of days are necessary too. To catch your breath, recharge. Follow your body and mind rhythm.

When you feel the power speed up and give hundred fifty per cent. But when you feel low, slow down, chill and look around. You need that too. You deserve that. This way, your work, your life, will become a great and fascinating adventure.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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