Be like a sun.

Be like a sun.

Do you, as most of the people, wish that all the time, all things will go the way you planned? Do you get annoyed, anxious or even depressed when this is not happening? Or maybe you are getting mad, at the world, other people, yourself if that’s not happening?

In such a situation, you might think that if you double your efforts, you finally overcome the struggle. You force yourself, punishing at the same time to do more, to be more active, productive and so on. You do not understand that this is the way the universe works, bringing good and bad moments to you.

Look at the sun. It is not perfect all the time. Sometimes it shines with whole its glory. Some days it’s hidden behind the clouds. This does not mean it disappears. It is still there. Although, if you will have sun, all year long, would you appreciate it as much?

Same with your cloudy days. They are necessary to appreciate the good and sunny days of your life. So what can you do to go through those days easier? How can you maintain the positivity and good mood?

Well, good is to practice patience for yourself. Slow down with your tasks, pay more attention to your surroundings and your doings. If you can, stop for a while. Stop doing anything. Stop thinking about anything. Sit down, close your eyes. Silent your mind. Imagine your inner sun and observe it.

Do not rush it, do not force it to do anything. Just observe. Repeat to yourself – I love you. Do this for as long as you feel needed. Forget about the outside world and focus on yourself. Connect with your inner self. Find balance and peace. And most importantly…

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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