Be perfect YOU!

Be perfect YOU!

I was, still sometimes am, comparing myself to others. O this person is smarter, This one has more experience. This one has a better appearance, and so on.

Do you do that as well? Are you comparing your skills, abilities, appearance with others? What do you get from that? The answer actually is nothing.

Well, I make the decision to stop. Still from time to time that old habit surface but now I know what to do in such moments. I want to share with you that method.

First of all, realise that there is no two, exactly the same people on this planet. We all are genetically unique. We were born with abilities that no one on the world has.

Secondly comparing with others will not lead you anywhere. Only can make you depressed, sad, annoyed if you see others better than you. So what’s the point?

A now the secret formula. You need to accept the fact that, neither you, me or anyone else, is not perfect. And your quest is not to be or become perfect.

Your quest is to become the best YOU. For that, stop wasting your time and energy on comparing with others. Focus on things you want and you can improve in you. In the way you think, the way you behave, the way you look.

This way you grow, you progress on your quest to became the best YOU.


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