Be resilient with your feelings.

Be resilient with your feelings.

Humans all have feelings. This is the way we are created, you as well. You might try to deny this, though, it will not gonna work, no matter how hard you will try. The problem-solving approach will not work as well, its simply just don’t really apply to feelings. Feelings are a way for you, to actually find out, what are you think about. It is kind of feedback for you, about your thoughts, about what you are attracting to your life. Are your thoughts a good one? Are your thoughts inspiring you, to do something? Are they motivating you to follow your dreams?

If so, that is great. It is just amazing. Though, unfortunately, there is so many bad news, flowing around you, trying to get your attention, that this task might be a bit difficult. These news are bombarding you and your emotional state. Listening to them, with high probability, might make you feel bad. What is worst, when you start to think and, in result, feel negative emotions, you become attached to them. You identify yourself with them. It is an automatic, effortless and very common, process.

– I feel this way, so it must be true. I feel anger, envy, hate, so I am a bad person.

Even worst would be if you will try to avoid or hide those feelings deep in you. Or deny that you are feeling this way. That it is not you, not your feelings. Trying to suppress your feelings and emotion just amplifies them. This will lead to cumulating those emotions in you, until, one day, you will not be able to hold them anymore. You will explode, all these negative emotions will burst out, destroying everything on their path. You, and other witnesses of that blast, will all be so surprised and shocked, that no one would actually know, how to deal with this.

The solution is to stop avoiding or denied the unwanted feelings. Instead, accept them. Notice how are you feel. Be your feelings, emotions, scientist. Name them appropriately, be aware that, you feel this way, that you have that kind of feelings. Separate yourself from them. Do not identify yourself as being bad just, because you have negative feelings. Is your car bad just, because there is a stain on a sit? Is your house bad just, because it needs some renovation? Make space, for all feelings in you, try to find out the reason, why you feel this way. Finally, accept that you feel this way and look for a way to replace those feelings with some positive ones.

Look around you. Find three things that you are proud of. That makes you smile. That makes you feel happy. That summon positive memories. Play your favourite music. Watch some comedy show. Make yourself a favourite beverage or garb your favourite fruit. Go for a brief walk in the park. Find some thoughts that make you feel good, inspired and motivated. Hold to those thoughts and feelings, amplify them. And see how the negative ones are shrinking and fading away. Be resilient but not invulnerable. Aim for flexibility. You can do this. You can control your feelings and emotions. You can, and you will feel good. Just practice the above.

Blessings upon you my friend.


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