Be responsible for your life.

Be responsible for your life.

Responsibility is what most people want to avoid. We do not like to be responsible. We usually tend to run away from things, saying that this is a too big responsibility. Or we try to pass it on others. Is that something you are doing as well? Do you take responsibility for your decisions, actions?

I have to admit, years back, I was very unresponsible. I was not taking care of anything and if something went wrong, I was trying to push the “guilt” on other people. But then, one of my mother’s friends told me one thing. A four-step secret to responsibility.

You do not have to blame anyone for whatever happens. Admit that you make a mistake. Stop thinking about that. Focus on how to fix it and fix it. I have started to live this way, but years later I understand the true meaning of what I have heard that day and I wanna share that with you.

Being responsible is focusing on positive things you can do, to feel sens and fulfilment in life. Thinking what you want, what is your dream. Making decisions in harmony with your heart, soul and mind. And follow after them.

And if, at some point, you find out you’ve made a mistake, just fix it. Correct your thinking and acting by asking and answering questions. Over and over again if necessary. This way you learn, grow and gather new knowledge, experience, power. You are becoming a happier, responsible person.


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