Be stubborn.

Be stubborn.

How many times did you get what you want the first time around? And I am not asking about the situation you going into shop or restaurant. I am talking about situations like getting a dream job or meeting up with a dream woman. You know what I mean.

Usually, in that kind of situation, most likely the first time, you might be rejected. Now, what was your reaction? Most likely, you sense at least a little sting of disappointment. Maybe you think you’re defeated. You could even feel like a looser. That’s completely normal.

What is important, do you allow those feelings to take over? To hold you down? Stop you from achieving your goal? Or were you stubbornly coming back? Making attempts again and again?

This is one of the differences between people who get what they desire and those who have nothing or very little. If you would like to get what you want, you need to be stubborn. Come back every now and then. Attempt again and again. As long as it will be necessary to succeed.


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