Be your friend.

Be your friend.

Be your own friend. Be kind and good to yourself. Show yourself love and respect. When you achieve something, pat yourself on the back, a congratulate yourself from the bottom of your heart. When you are happy, share that happiness with yourself and feel the connection and harmony.

When you worry, talk to yourself. Ask – what is that you are worrying about? What can you do for yourself? When you look for some answer just named the issue and the solution will show up sooner than you think. This is how friendship works. You need to be present and pay attention, to your needs. Give yourself time and ask questions. The best at loud, and answer them at loud as well.

This might sound crazy to you. I am sure you already see all the scenes from movies where the old person is talking to themself and everyone around is taking that person for the crazy one. But do you remember that usually after a while occurs that this person was the most conscious, smart and present in the whole place?

Stating issues at loud makes things get shaped and this allows us to see and understand them better. And at the same time see opportunities and solutions attached to them. As those are usually overlooked when you sit just in your head thinking and going deeper into the path of worrying about.

So be your best friend. One you can talk with about everything and anything. Always take time and pay attention to your needs. Kindly look at your issues, requests, actions, and successes. Love yourself the way you are as this will give you the power of two people.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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