Be your hero

Be your hero

Somewhere, deep inside you. There is a person design by you. The person you would like to be. It is your deepest desire to be like that character.

So what you need to do to actually become that hero? How can you achieve that goal?

First of all, whenever you need to decide on something or do something, ask yourself. What the person I wanna be would do in that situation? How he or she would behave now?

Then just decide, act, behave the way you answer. You might not get it the first or second time around. But you get closer to your hero. If necessary, take another shot. And another. You fail? It happens. Get up and do it again. And again.

Do not allow yourself to press the snooze button on your life. On your way, to becoming your own champion.

Every time, you do that, you are getting closer and closer. Finally, one day you will see that you’ve become the person you design. It might take you a lot of effort and time. But it is worthed. Don’t you agree?


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